Do you tailor slide decks for each presentation?

Your audience can see a generic slide deck a mile away.

It often contains information that isn’t relevant, detailing products and services they would never be interested in.

I’ve never understood this, the marketing and sales team has already done all the hard work. They’re engaging with the business, made the appointment, spent time and money to get in front of the customer and then when they have their undivided attention, present something the marketing team created 2 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

We find the 80/20 rule is perfect. Your company’s core information doesn’t change that often, your overall proposition will stay the same, but you need to personalise your message to the audience.

What’s their size of the business, who are their customers, what are the specific products/services they need and desire? These are key questions I’m sure you all ask yourself before the meeting, you just need to add the answers to the presentation.

If you don’t already, telling relevant stories will help the audience remember key facts and statements so create slides that will introduce these narratives. Think about similar-sized companies you work with and their requirements (you don’t have to name them). Discuss how you delivered products or solutions to relieve their pain points, reassuring the audience you can resolve theirs too.

Another good way of personalising the presentation is to use their locations and product images along with their logo. This will demonstrate you have spent time researching the business and aligning your products/services to theirs.

When our partners have customers across different sectors and sizes of businesses, we just create a larger slide deck to accommodate their specific needs. This allows the team to personalise the deck with minimal effort but maximum impact, dragging and dropping the required slides into their presentation.

You’ve completed your due diligence, the deck has been personalised and you have some stories in your back pocket… so what’s next?

Practice, Practice and Practice. You may have presented the deck 50 times, but now it’s personalised you need to ensure you know what’s coming next and how the slide builds.

Don’t forget, your presentation isn’t’ a recitelment of a Shakespeare play, the audience doesn’t know what you are going to say so if you go off-piste, don’t worry. Utilise the presenter’s notes with short bullet points detailing key messages, stories and anecdotes you need to tell for each slide will get you back on track.

Studies show that attention levels spike whenever there is humour in a presentation. This could be scripted or off the cuff, depending on your audience but keep it professional, leave that kind of humour for the celebrational drink after you win the contract.

Whether you’re using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google Sides or just PDFs, entertain your audience, amaze them with the unknown and present the information they need to be reassured.

If you are looking to create a unique and memorable experience for your audience call Conspicuous today…

Written by Ian James · · Presentations
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