Finding the right place to call home

Finding the right location for your business is a difficult decision and with so much choice, you can be blinded by the options. But focusing on what’s important to you, your team and your customers will provide clarity, enabling you to see the wood from the trees… and that’s exactly what happened to Conspicuous…

Initially based at Beehive mill in Ancoats, we shared an office with another design agency. This was the perfect solution at the time as we were able to collaborate on a number of projects while reducing overheads. After a year we decided to look around for our own office as the team had expanded and, well, everyone likes their own space. We initially moved to Central Working Manchester, situated on Deansgate. This is a co-working space supported by Barclays, ideal for young start-ups and creatives. It had a great vibe and clients loved it, especially as it had one of, if not, the best coffee house (Grindsmith) in Manchester incorporated into the space.

As Central Working became more popular (and deservedly so) we found it less appealing so we started to look at different spaces in the North West, from Warrington to Prestwich, Barton Aerodrome to the centre of Manchester. We had our definitive checklist, and each criteria had to be ticked off. We contacted brokers, looked on Gumtree, spoke to everyone in our black book and after looking at 26 different offices we were introduced to a new location by a good friend of ours.

Accelerate Places is situated in the heart of Manchester on the 1st and 2nd floors of 101 Princess St building. We were shown around by Lisa and noticed that something was different, something stood out about this place that was so unique. Yes, it was modern, very stylish with soundproofed meeting/conference rooms utilising great AV equipment, but that wasn’t it either.

It was the atmosphere, although there was a number of people working in the communal areas and a large event just breaking for lunch, everyone was being looked after, food was being served to 40 people as if this was a daily occurrence, the rest of the team were attending to the other members needs and all with a smile.

We’ve been here for some time now and I can honestly say the team offer a professional environment, providing great networking opportunities, hosting amazing events and are support our needs and requirements. Thank you, Georgia and the team

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