Plan’s often do come together if the strategy is built on detailed research (product/solution), customer profiling, competitor and sector analysis and then backed by a group of unified stakeholders.

Marketing strategies enable organisations to refocus their business plans. They provide clarity on target audiences, identify needs and define communication strategies that drive businesses forward.


Marketing Strategies

Conspicuous work with key stakeholders to understand their organisation and current brand values. We delve deep into the infrastructure at both Board and departmental level, clarifying each aspect of the business plan, development of customer personas, touch points, strengths, weaknesses and USP’s, review the competition across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world and develop a 360 degree augmented reality of the business.

Once the foundations have been built we are then able to start reconstructing the brand and its values and create the communication strategy.

Marketing Solutions

Communication Strategies

As part of the marketing strategy or a standalone project, the communication strategy should only be developed once the research has been completed and the brand values confirmed.

The strategy is often built across several levels and it’s here where your marketing plan is born, created and delivered. Following key sequences, we are able to map out the who, the what, the where, the when and of course the how. We actually add a few more stages to this but we will keep them for when we have our meeting.

From internal business updates through to global campaigns, the communication strategy enables an organisation to deliver a unified internal and external message which is mapped out, identifying opportunities, campaigns and budgets.

Communication Solutions

Brand Strategies

When building or refining your brand you need to create a fluid strategy that will keep your business relevant to your audience, whether targeting existing customers or a completely new sector.

There are 6 key areas that need to be defined to ensure your brand has the necessary strength, positioning and relevance.


Our structured programme identifies, defines and builds on these areas to create a detailed plan on how to embrace the findings and turn them into everyday messages that the whole organisation uses.

Brand Solutions

Social Strategies

As with all marketing disciplines, social should have its own plan that is aligned to the overall marketing and business strategy. As digital media takes over our business and personal lives it is imperative that your organisation embraces this communication channel and starts to talk to your customers and prospects on their level in the way they want to be communicated to.

Our proven structured approach enables B2B and B2C organisations to enhance their communication and marketing strategies by providing a calculated and targeted approach. Our methods turn the unaware to advocates and broadcasters.

Conspicuous supports organisations to create, plan and deliver strategies as individual projects or as an ongoing consultant, helping to deliver your business plan.

Social Solutions

Conspicuous supports organisations to create,
plan and deliver strategies, helping you achieve
your business goals.

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