Welcome 'Attention Seekers'

Creative, ‘Attention Seeking’
people providing targeted,
commercial results

A few years ago we set up Conspicuous to provide clients with the ammunition they needed to be found in a very competitive, very crowded and tough economic climate.

Flares were lit, fireworks were launched and our skywriters were working overtime to provide the ‘Attention’ our customers needed and do you know what…deserved.

The economic environment is still tough but the way we communicate has changed dramatically. Our website was very corporate with stock images of happy business people congratulating each other on great results.

Now… the website shows naked people, skateboarders in Miami and quotes from Winston Churchill.

The difference is, now, we can embrace personality, we have the credibility from the brands we work with, the recognition from the results we generate and the camaraderie from our advocates who love working with us.

We are proud of our achievements and would like to thank our loyal clients who continue to partner with Conspicuous for their marketing, creativity, PR and general communication needs.

BUT… we are always looking for more ‘Attention Seekers’.

Businesses that are looking for new customers, brand awareness, loyalty and strong growth.

Would you like some attention?

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‘Attention’ your brand deserves…

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