Exhibitions, Events and Staging

We have all been to those events where someone turns up with an articulated lorry that converts into a 3 storey building, a hundred promotional staff jump out and music blasts out of a sound system that puts most concert venues to shame. People arrive on their stand, take the free pens and bags of leaflets and then disappear into the crowd without saying boo to a goose.

Then there’s the smaller company that arrives, unravels the single roller banner and a leaflet stand with 20 people queuing up to have a conversation about their solutions.

Both have their place but success at exhibitions isn’t just about budget, it’s about planning, brand management, understanding your audience and picking the right exhibitions to go to (that always helps).

Our briefing process extracts the core information from our clients, creating an engaging environment for the specific target audience, promoting the key messages and services.

Our team of creatives, project managers, AV and IT technicians and time served craftsmen deliver an engaging and interactive space, embracing your audience to promote your key brand messages and solutions.

As space is always limited, our design process maximises the footprint, taking the visitor on a predetermined journey to tell the clients story. We use a wide range of solutions to drive people onto your stand including printed graphics, TV’s, video walls, collateral, branded merchandise, promotional teams, games and attractions, augment reality, giant touchscreen tables, food and drink and photo booths.

Depending on your level of experience, we can hold your hand, put our arm around your shoulder or just talk across the table to offer you the solution you need.

From researching the exhibitions to building your stand, Conspicuous can provide the complete solution. Call today for your FREE Event consultation…

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