We’ve all sat through presentations that have more bullet points than a firing range. The audience has read the entire slide before the presenter has finished parrot reading his first bullet point. For the next 10 minutes your eyes start to wander, the phone comes out and you look at Facebook or catch up on the 100 emails you still have in your inbox.

You finally walk out of the session feeling very flat, having not learnt or retained anything because there was no real engagement…  but there was one bonus, you are now down to only 52 emails to catch up on.

This style of presentation is old school and no longer works for any sector. An audience wants to be engaged, they need to be taken on a visual journey and look forward to the next slide. At the end of the presentation, they need to have extracted as much information as possible but with a desire and a hunger to want to know more…

The team at Conspicuous have been creating and delivering presentations for over 15 years. Our style has changed a lot over this time (thank goodness) along with the output devices used, from the old OHPs and projectors to the latest video walls and webinars. Whatever the occasion or media, we align our style with each individual organisation and specific audience to maximise engagement.

We work across PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and Prezi depending on the audience and the required presentation. From product launches to exhibitions, sales meetings to pitches we create visual messages that are targeted to the individual audience.

It all starts with the brief… What does the presentation have to deliver? Who is the audience? What media will the presentation be delivered on? We then start to look at the storyboard, identifying the key messages about the topic and organisation, the call to actions and who is going to deliver it?

Conspicuous offers a wide range of training to help organisations deliver the perfect presentation. From storyboarding to the physical delivery, we provide solutions for all levels of an organisation, C-Level through to departmental teams.

To further support the presentation, we also offer a full range of services that will complement and enhance the audience’s experience. From locating the perfect venue to providing interactive voting solutions, design and print of event brochures to managing the entire event.

If you are looking to create a unique and memorable experience for your audience call Conspicuous today…

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