Public Relations

Your business communicates with customers every day, discussing opportunities and building rapport. To speak to a wider audience including prospects and your peers, a new voice needs to be found.

A voice that speaks loudly and with purpose, to discuss your brand, its products and services. Specifically targeting an audience that is willing to listen and engage with your conversation and proposition is paramount.

In everyday life, to build a successful relationship you need to have something in common with the other party, a similar taste in music, a hobby, a goal or maybe even a shared interest in cheese.

Whatever the common ground, once it’s established they will often let their guard down and invite you into their personal space. Our creative storytellers delve into your business to locate great newsworthy stories that your audience will engage with and that generate additional interest in your organisation.

Targeted PR on its own is an extremely valuable tool that will generate exposure for your organisation, but, once it becomes integrated with your marketing strategy it will take your exposure to a completely new level.

Talking to your audiences across multiple channels and touchpoints strengthens each message, affirming credibility and creating a desire to call.

We have created voices of the industry, seen our clients on Breakfast TV News, created show gardens at the RHS Tatton Flower Show (and received a commendation) and held a competition for school children to design a wildlife garden that generated over £25,000 of free advertising for the client.

Whether launching a new product, neutralising a slanderous comment or boasting about your success, we are there to shout about the ‘good times’ and provide damage limitation for the ‘bad’.

Our strong relations with Editors, Bloggers and the general media will help you get the exposure and attention you need.

If you would like to borrow our megaphone to shout about your organisation, talk to us today!

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