Marketing used to be all about who had the biggest budget and who shouted the loudest –  the ‘bucket approach’… well, things have moved on since the VHS and Betamax wars.

Today, the words Spam filter, Mail/Telephone Preference Services, Sky + and ‘my budgets have shrunk’ are all too commonplace. The marketing sector has had to pull its socks up and become even more creative in its approach, its messaging and the method of delivery.

Technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and so have the people using it. Information needs to be available 24 hours a day, Eight days a week, just as the Beatles predicted. Customers now expect their questions to be answered in minutes, not days as our pace of life has become light speed (Punch it Chewy).

To fall in line with your customers’ expectations Conspicuous assembled the ‘Attention Seekers’. A group of like-minded creative people with their sole objective being to ‘make the client visible to its target audience’. It’s our job at Conspicuous to understand your business, including your clients, the sector you operate in, your product range and the services you offer.  We can then shout about them to your target audience at the right time, using the right marketing channel.

Our successful marketing methodology utilises our core disciplines


Customer Experience

and follows our structured 7 staged approach that mirrors the customer journey

1. Attract
2. Engage
3. Nurture
4. Choose
5. Commit
6. Retain
7. Refer

Each stage develops the personal relationship your organisation has with each customer. From the moment they click on your online advert to their first order, each stage can be tracked, monitored and refined to maximise their experience, future referrals and increase your sales.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide your organisation with our complete 7 stage approach or support you with individual stages of the customer journey.

For your FREE marketing consultation and to find out how Conspicuous can help maximise awareness and sales, call us today….

For your FREE Marketing consultation and to find out how Conspicuous can help maximise awareness and Sales, call us today….

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