Believe it or not, you do not, and never will have complete control of your brand. Large organisations spend millions on internal and external brand management but it’s their staff, customers and prospects that are the true brand champions.

It’s these individuals, their friends and colleagues that have the power to build or destroy a brand and that’s who we engage with, oh and with a few other key stakeholders but more of that later on.

Your brand is so much more than your logo, it’s the experience people encounter when they engage with your organisation.

From the initial click on Google to the monthly management meetings, the multichannel campaigns to the chat down the pub which leads to a rant on Twitter, there are so many touchpoints that need to be promoted, monitored, managed and sometimes contained.


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“Branding is, not concerned with sales, money, turnover or profits. Branding is only ever about people, purpose and reputation. The principle of this approach is that if all elements are considered, the issue of sales and profits will inevitably follow.”

James Barber 2012

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