So, you’re ready for the next stage of business growth and have started to investigate how to raise funds through Crowdfunding and achieve your aggressive growth strategy.

Before you embark on this journey you will need to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan. This will need to include pitch decks, financials, marketing activities (Campaigns, PR, social etc.) aligned to specific days to maximise your visibility and exposure to prospective investors.

Conspicuous has a proven record of supporting organisations to achieve their goals throughout (and beyond) the funding process. From Marketing strategies to campaigns, pitch decks to web development, we have the skills, knowledge and contacts to get you the visibility, and the funding you need to achieve your goals.

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As a full-service agency, we can support you across all marketing disciplines either as individual projects or across the entire campaign.

As we are fund/investment agnostic, we can help you choose the right platform for your needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking to offer equity and/or products/experiences in return for investment, we can offer advice and support to maximise your visibility and opportunity to achieve your goal.

Below are a number of funding options that we offer advice on:

CrowdCube  |  Seeders  |  Crowdfunder  |  Buzzbnk  |  BloomVC  |  WeFund  |  Funding Circle  |  Abundance  |  Bank to the Future  |  Unbound  |  Kickstarter  |  Indegogo |  Funded By Me

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Crowdfunding Workshops

Hosted by a range of experts in their field, our 4-day workshop (one day a week) will prepare and arm you with the ammunition required for each stage of the process, including the celebrations.

To help you focus on the key elements, we have developed a toolkit full of useful guides, templates and contacts to support you through the 4 weeks and beyond.

The course will help you…

  • unlocking the potential of your existing crowd
  • understand which funding platform is right for you
  • enhance your current visibility (social, PR, campaigns etc.)
  • develop a communication strategy for pre, during and post fund campaign
  • maximise your financial promotion
  • create content enriched collateral to promote your proposition
    • Pitch Deck
    • Videos
    • Adverts
    • Social channels
  • manage the overall campaign
  • manage your relationships potential and/or Investor
  • have clarity of the legalities of the Crowdfund proposition
  • Understand the Investors Ecosystem.

Post Funding
Right, this is where it all gets real. When the money arrives in your account and you start to review its distribution including staff, product development etc., additional assistance may be needed. Part of the course is our after-fund support where the Conspicuous Team are available to answer your questions and offer advice for up to 3 months after your raise.

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