It’s been over two decades since Bob Hoskins spoke these immortal words on that BT advert. A lot has changed since 1994 especially in the way people communicate: email, text, snap chat, emoji’s, YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn, mobile phones, and that’s just the tip of the colossal iceberg.

The point is, the game has changed and so has the audience.

We are no longer tied down to our desks to take calls or need to run to the nearest red phone box when the bleepers goes off, nor are we just subjected to seeing adverts in a printed publication, on the 4 TV channels or a billboard outs side the office.

We need to get personal. We all got sick of the direct mail frenzy of the 80’s and 90’s, then the constant tins of spam emails arriving every hour stating how we have been personally selected to possibly well may be, well have no chance at all to win a holiday.

Do you want to get personal?

With the thousands of social channels, hundreds of TV stations and the billions of mobile devices in use today, messages can get very diluted (often missed), especially if they are not targeted at a specific audience.

People want to feel like they are an individual. Apple gave us the ‘I’pad, well the ‘I’ everything and we now think this is the norm, talk to me as a person, know what I want and how I want it or I will go somewhere else.

We work with organisations to understand their business strategy and current target audience. This enables us to develop strategies and campaigns to personally communicate to them in the most persuasive way using the most influential media.

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