Iron Warrior Strength

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Dominic Kinsey BSc, CSCS is a highly qualified and respected strength and conditioning coach throughout Europe.  A former MMA competitor and 2nd Degree black belt, Dom is now a certified British Powerlifting Coach’

Dominic approached Conspicuous to review his original brand ‘Iron Strength Fitness’. A brand he had been trading under since 2014, where the proposition was based on conditioning classes. Over the years he started to specialise on the strength element, this evolved into training female powerlifters, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches, including multiple world championship titles.

His new brand ‘Iron Warrior Strength’ (IWS) needed to reflect this shift to power and strength. Although his demographic was mainly females, Dominic stated that this should not be reflected in the brand as there were no differentiations between sexes in this sector, you are either good or you are not.

The team researched the market in-depth, looking at competitors, their brand values and the overall proposition. We also looked into the strength sports as a whole, to understand what drove his clients to have that much dedication to achieve body perfection and lift immense weights.

What impressed me the first time I met Conspicuous was their insistence on not just coming up with a logo that I liked… but the fact that it was more important the brand represent my values and talked to my potential clients…

Dominic Kinsey BSc – Founder of Iron Strength Warrior

The industry as a whole is very stereotypical, logos and brands depict weights and muscles with a strong bias towards the male audience. We wanted to throw these antiquated values in the bin and start from scratch. What were the values of IWS? What did the brand have to say in order to represent Dominic and his team’s mission? What did the brand have to say to his customers?

Although we presented 5 different designs, two stood out. The first was based on the tattoo of a warrior, his medal of honor, worn proudly on his arm. The second was much simpler but as strong, we used the colours and style from an Army Physical Training Instructors uniform (white with red piping).

IWS chose the latter due to its strong presence and the other values the logo demanded –

Authoritative | Strength | Trust | Nurture

Once this had been signed off we started to build the brand standards. This would guide others on the fundamentals of how to use the logo and other supporting elements to provide a consistent look and feel to the brand, including, fonts, colour palettes, image styles and merchandise.

With the launch of IWS looming Dominic also asked us to create the artwork for their latest White Paper and develop exhibition collateral to support this important event.

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